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Sesame White 250g

Sesame White 250g

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Sesame White is a versatile and popular ingredient that can add flavor, crunchiness, and health benefits to a wide range of dishes. With its distinct nutty taste and delicate texture, Sesame White can be used in savory or sweet recipes as a main ingredient or as a seasoning. Rich in calcium, iron, and healthy fats, this ingredient also offers several nutritional advantages.

Product Features:

- Premium quality sesame seeds with a light color and subtle flavor.

- Adds texture and depth of flavor to dishes like salads, stir-fries, sushi rolls, bread, and desserts.

- Healthful ingredient; rich in calcium, iron and healthy fats.

- Ready to use as whole seeds or after being toasted or ground into paste (tahini).

- Gluten-free.

- Versatile; can be used in multiple cuisines including Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean.

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