Founders Note

Nalini Murthy

Nalini Murthy, Founder,

I hail from a village in Tamil Nadu. My ancestors were farmers. As a child I have roamed around farmlands tagging behind my grandparents. I did not hesitate to take up Agriculture as a specialisation when I was asked what I wished to do on growing ups! Yet, my desire was to know more and to know better. My learnings in the college though scientific took me away from what I truly wanted to know. However, fate was kind and gave me yet another opportunity!

I interned at Kuzhunji Farm started by Dr. Nammazhvar in a 100 acre land. It was a demonstration farm during Tsunami times, showing how coastal plants could be grown without using pesticides! I was awestruck! I have reached home!

Further to this experience, I learnt about Subhash Palekar too. My experiences in OTG group under Mr. Viswanath added special knowledge too.

I joined the Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation to learn to become an entrepreneur in this space. I got more that what I expected! I am now looking to grow this practice throughout India!