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Farm Fresh Bangalore

Packages for Special Needs

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Package for Weight Loss &  Diabetic Management
Package for Weight Loss

Supply Details 
Vegetables : 4 deliveries per month
Groceries : 1 delivery per month
Item Name Supply Quantity/week
Fruits 8 kgs
Vegetables  2 kgs
Tomato+Potato+ Onion 2 kgs
Salad Vegetables 2 kgs
Greens & herbs 3 bunches
Lemon 100 grs
Fresh Indian berries 100 g
Coconut 1no
Others Chilli, Ginger, Garlic & Curry leaf

Grains 5 kgs, Pulses & Legumes 5 kgs, Flax seed 0.5kg, Spices 1.85kgs, Nuts & Seeds 1.3kgs, dates & dry fruits 1.2kgs, Green Tea 250g, Vinegar 1 pack.

Package for Diabetic
Supply Details 
Vegetables per week
Fruits4 kgs, Vegetables 2 kgs, Tomato+ Onion1.5kgs, Greens & herbs 3 bunches, Lemon100 g, Fresh Indian berries100 g, Coconut1no, Chilli, Ginger, Garlic & Curry leaf each 100g.

Grains 6 kgs, Pulses & Legumes 5kgs, Flax seed 0.5kg, Spices 2 kgs, Nuts & Seeds 1.3kgs, dates & Dry fruits 1.2kgs.