Why we do what we do?

Did you know that less than one per cent of agricultural lands alone farm poison-free produce? Should we keep quiet about it?

This is the driving force behind starting Farm Fresh Bangalore! As citizens who realised this, we could not sit back and let this plight continue. On one side customers like you don't get to eat healthy and on the other side, farmers health and that of the land are also under great threat of damage.

These could be avoided, I felt, only if I could start a Fractal Venture supplying poison-free produce from mindful farmers following environment-friendly practices like Natural Farming and Organic Farming or even simple Desi Farming, like our ancestors did before learning to use pesticides!

Thus Farm Fresh Bangalore was started. It was incubated by The Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation. It not only promotes better agriculture but also helps to pull its main stakeholders out of poverty.