About FarmFreshBangalore.com

FarmFreshBangalore.com is a social enterprise connecting farmers and consumers. We provide nutrition rich, natural farm produce to consumers and ensure sustainable and fair income to smallholding farmers.

We are a Customer-Supported Agricultural (CSA) Social Enterprise with the vision of changing the landscape of farming practices in our country.

We connect farmers and consumers with the vision of providing chemical free, nutrition rich natural farm fresh produce to the consumers while enabling farmers to prosper through need-based agriculture. To achieve this we have designed innovative, Doctor-Recommended Whole Food Plant Based Packages. These packages are designed based on per person consumption ratio and recommendations given by a registered naturopath Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, by following Dr. Greger Michaels’s daily dozen framework.

We give priority to food that is locally-grown and seasonal.

We have designed packages starting from a single person up to 10 members in a family or community.

Personal customisation is possible for special needs.

We have weekly, monthly and yearly subscription options as well for people who have no time for planning, as we do all the planning for you. This will help the consumer to save time on planning and purchasing.

We do door-delivery across the city. Package quantities and rates are fixed for one season. As the quantities are fixed, it helps to achieve need-based production in agriculture. This reduces marketing stress on farmers.

Consumers get to pay fixed prices while farmers get fixed and fair prices for their produce.

This will help both consumers and farmers to get fair prices throughout the year irrespective of market fluctuation.

Consumers experience transparency throughout all processes.

We are a Fractal Venture incubated by The Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Currently our first fractal has more than 1000 customers.

This sustainable fractal shall be replicated across India in a short span of time.