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Urad Whole White (Gola) 500g

Urad Whole White (Gola) 500g

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Urad Whole White (Gola) is a premium quality dal that has been carefully handpicked and processed to maintain its natural flavor and nutritional benefits. The Urad Whole White (Gola) dal is known for its creamy texture, high protein content, and delicious taste that makes it perfect for Indian cuisine.

Product Features:

- Packed with nutrients that provide various health benefits.

- Free from impurities and preservatives.

- Has a delectable taste and aroma.

- Rich in protein that helps in building muscle mass.

- Can be used in numerous preparations such as idly, dosa, soups, curries, salads or snacks.

- Easy to cook and can be ready within minutes.

- Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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