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Urad dal With Skin 500g

Urad dal With Skin 500g

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Urad dal with skin is a popular pulse that has been enjoyed in Indian cuisine for centuries. It's packed with essential nutrients and is prized for its versatility in cooking. This urad dal is unpolished, with its skin intact, which adds more fiber to your diet.

Product Features:

- Rich in protein, fiber, and iron.

- Unpolished and whole; retaining all of the nutrients.

- Sourced from trusted farmers

- Can be used to make several dishes like dosa, idli or papadum.

- Easy to cook and delicious

- No preservatives or additives are added

- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

- Available in hygienic packaging.

Add Urad dal to your pantry staples now and enjoy a high-nutrient food that will add variety to your meals.

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