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Farm Fresh Bangalore

Special Sankranthi Package

Regular price Rs. 1,300.00
Regular price Rs. 1,400.00 Sale price Rs. 1,300.00

🌾🌞Special Sankranthi Package! 🌾🌞

Last minute shopping? Don't stress! 👜

What's more? This festive season, you don't even have to step out to shop!😊

We have a specially created package for you this Sankranthi, that will cover all your needs as you celebrate this week!🍱

In this package you will get all the following goodies:

🍌Yellakki Banana 1kg
🍌Pachabale (Robusta) Banana 1kg
🥥Coconut 2 nos
🍃Banana Leaf 5 nos
🎋Sugarcane 2 nos
🫘Avaraikai 500g
🍠Sweet Potato 500g
🥜Groundnut (Fresh) 500g
📦Ellu Kharjura (Peanut, Dry Coconut, Date Mix )

🌻Marigold Flower 500g
🍃Betel Leaf + nuts 5nos

Deliveries starts from Friday, 12th January 2024🚛

We wish you all a Healthy and Happy Sankranthi!🙏💐

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