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Sambar onion (Shallots) 500g

Sambar onion (Shallots) 500g

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Sambar onion, also known as shallots or small onions, are a popular ingredient used in various Indian cuisine dishes. These onions have a distinctive flavor that adds a unique depth to any dish.

Product Features:

- Sambar onions are smaller in size compared to regular onions and have an elongated shape.

- They have a reddish-brown outer layer and white flesh inside.

- Sambar onions have a sweeter taste than regular onions with a slightly pungent flavor.

- They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that provide numerous health benefits.

- They are versatile and can be used in dishes like sambar, curries, pickles, chutneys, and more.

- Sambar onions are easy to peel and chop due to their small size.

- They add great texture and depth of flavor to soups and stews.

- They can be stored for long periods without spoiling as they have natural preservatives.

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