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Roasted Gram 500g

Roasted Gram 500g

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Roasted Gram, also known as Bengal gram, is a popular snack enjoyed throughout India. It is made by roasting and seasoning chickpeas to create a deliciously crunchy and savory treat. Packed with protein and fiber, roasted gram is a healthy snacking option that is low in calories and fat.

Product Features:

- Crunchy texture provides satisfying snack experience.

- High in protein which helps to keep you feeling full between meals.

- Rich in dietary fiber which promotes healthy digestion.

- Low in calories making it an ideal snack for diet-conscious people.

- Perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a mid-day energy booster.

- Versatile: can be used in cooking to add crunch to salads or mixed with trail mixes for added flavor and texture.

- Can be stored for long periods of time without losing freshness.

- Contains no cholesterol or trans-fat.

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