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Moong Dal 500g

Moong Dal 500g

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Moong Dal is a staple food item in Indian households, known for its high nutritional value and delicious taste. This lentil is packed with protein, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for overall health.

Product Features:

- High in protein: Moong dal is rich in protein, which makes it an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans who need to supplement their diet with plant-based protein sources.

- Rich in essential nutrients: It contains essential B-complex vitamins such as thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin, and niacin. Additionally, it also provides magnesium, potassium, and iron.

- Versatile ingredient: Moong dal is versatile when it comes to cooking; you can use it to make various dishes like soups, stews or gravies.

- Easy to digest: Unlike some other types of beans or lentils that may be tough on the digestive system, moong dal is easy to digest.

- Budget-friendly food item: Moong Dal is an inexpensive ingredient that provides high nutritional value making it accessible for all income groups.

- Suitable for weight management: The high protein content helps keep you feeling fuller longer without overeating.

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