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Homemade Molaga Podi (Chutney Powder) - 200g

Homemade Molaga Podi (Chutney Powder) - 200g

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Enjoy the authentic taste of homemade chutney powder with this delicious and aromatic blend of spices. Made from fresh and natural ingredients, this chutney powder is an essential condiment in every Indian household. It can be used as a seasoning for a variety of dishes, such as rice, vegetables, meats or even as a sandwich spread. With its unique combination of flavors and spices, it offers a distinctive and savory taste that you'll simply love.

Product Features:

- Homemade chutney powder with fresh ingredients.

- Aromatic blend of exotic spices offers an authentic taste.

- Versatile seasoning for various dishes; enhances flavor.

- Can be used as a side dish with idly & dosa, sandwich spread or snack dip.

- Comes in a convenient and resealable jar.

- Adds depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.

- Free from preservatives and additives; all-natural ingredients.

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