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Maja Pickle

LIME PICKLE (Without oil) - 200GMS

LIME PICKLE (Without oil) - 200GMS

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This Lime Pickle without Oil is a tangy and spice-filled condiment that adds a punch of flavor to any meal. Made with juicy and tart limes, aromatic spices, and no added oil, this pickle is a great way to add zing to your food without worrying about calories.

Product Features:

- Tangy lime pickle provides an explosion of flavor in every bite.

- Contains no added oil, making it a healthier option for those watching their calorie intake.

- Made with high-quality ingredients, including fresh limes and aromatic spices.

- Versatile condiment that pairs well with many dishes such as curries or sandwiches.

- Comes in an easy-to-store jar for convenience.

- Ideal for those who enjoy bold flavors and spicy food.

- Can be used as a marinade or rub for meats, chicken or fish

- Perfect accompaniment to traditional Indian meals or dishes from other cuisines.

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