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Kahwa Tea (Authentic Kashmiri Green Tea) 250g

Kahwa Tea (Authentic Kashmiri Green Tea) 250g

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Kahwa Tea is a traditional Indian green tea, hailing from the Kashmir region. It is made by blending delicate green tea leaves with a mixture of traditional Indian spices and saffron strands for a unique and savory taste experience. This fine blend is perfect for those who want to explore new tastes in their daily cup of tea.

Product Features:

- Made with authentic Kashmiri recipes.

- Blended with natural ingredients for a low-calorie drink.

- Contains antioxidants that promote wellness in mind & body.

- Brews quickly; only five minutes needed to make delicious tea.

- Can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on personal preference.

- The unique taste and aroma bring freshness and relaxation to the mind.

- Saffron strands add extra aroma, flavor, texture, and nutrition value.

Savor the rich flavors of India with Kahwa Tea, perfect for those looking for something different in their daily cup of green tea.

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