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Sampoorna Ahara

Fresh Tofu - 200g - Reusable glass bottle

Fresh Tofu - 200g - Reusable glass bottle

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Fresh Tofu is a high-quality tofu product that is made with fresh soy milk and ready for immediate use in various recipes. It is an excellent source of protein and a great plant-based alternative to meat products. Fresh Tofu has a delicate flavor and silky texture that makes it perfect for stir-fries, soups, salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.

Product Features:

- Made with 100% fresh soy milk.

- High-quality protein source.

- Low in fat and calories.

- Non-GMO project verified.

- Vegan-friendly; no animal products used in the production.

- Gluten-free; suitable for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

- Versatile ingredient that can be used in many different dishes.

- Absorbs flavors well from marinades and seasonings.

- Easy to digest; ideal for people with digestive issues or food sensitivities.

- Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Get your healthy dose of fresh organic handmade tofu delivered to you, now without any plastic! Curdled with lemon and not with any of the usual salts, our tofu tastes less bitter and more flavourful. The texture is similar to homemade paneer and works particularly well in Indian dishes. 

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The tofu will arrive in fresh filtered water in a glass jar. There might be one to two pieces. 

SHELF LIFE: 7 days from delivery. Please store it in the water, in the fridge.

Ingredients: Organic Soy bean, lemon juice.

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