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Cumin/Jeera 100g

Cumin/Jeera 100g

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Cumin/Jeera is an essential spice in Indian cooking. It has a distinctive nutty and warm flavour, adding depth and complexity to both sweet and savoury dishes. The fragrant spice pairs beautifully with other herbs and spices, such as turmeric and cardamom, to create delicious layered aromas. Cumin/Jeera is renowned for its health benefits; it aids digestion, boosts immune function, fights bacteria and helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Product Features:

- Nutty aroma and warm flavour.

- Pairs well with other herbs & spices for complex flavours.

- Health benefits like assisting with digestion & boosting immunity

- Non-GMO & gluten free

- Rich source of nutrients including Iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus.

- Versatile cooking ingredient; can be added to curry blends or used as a topping on salads etc.

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