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Clove (Spice) 50g

Clove (Spice) 50g

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Clove is a must-have for your kitchen pantry! This potent spice packs a punch of flavor to any dish—whether it’s Tikka Masala or Vegetable Korma. Cloves have a distinctive aroma, and its light to dark brown in color. Add it to rubs, sauces, marinades and anything that needs an extra boost of flavor. Plus, the ground powder makes for easier measuring when baking or creating other dishes!

Product Features:

- Aromatic fragrance with characteristic flavoring

- Color varies from light to dark brown in the ground form

- Easily measure up while preparing meals or baking goodies

- Potent and flavorful addition to many dishes such as curry, stew and desserts

- Great way to make Indian curries more authentic

- Gluten Free

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