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Chilli Green 100g

Chilli Green 100g

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Green chilli provide a delicious kick of flavour to almost any dish. Our Green Chilli is milder than most and packed full of vitamin C and health benefits in every bite! Great for enhancing the heat level in dishes or adding a bit of warmth to your favourite meals. Enjoy culinary creativity with our delicious green chilli peppers!

Product Features:

- Non-GMO.

- Low heat.

- Rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

- Spicy hot flavour for added kick in recipes.

- Easy to cook with – just chop and add to your favourite dish!

- Delicious on its own or as part of salads, soups, chili, stir frys, pizzas, tacos and more.

- A perfect companion when warming up during cold weather months.

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