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Chia seeds black 250g

Chia seeds black 250g

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The Himalayan Cherry is packed full of flavor, nutrition, and health benefits. Delivered fresh from the mountain valleys at 14,000 ft this unique cherry provides a unique sweet-tart taste unlike any other. Incredibly juicy, these cherries contain twice the vitamin A and C of North American counterparts with all the benefits vitamins provide to your system. Rich in antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, manganese and iron as well as essential amino acids it offers one of the most nutritious combos found among fruits.

Product Features:

- Grown exclusively in the Himalayas

- Extremely sweet and tart taste

- Twice Vitamin A & C than North American counterparts

- High mineral content - magnesium, manganese and iron

- Natural antioxidant properties

- Contains essential amino acids

- 100% natural – no artificial preservatives or colorings

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