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Cashew Nut Broken (2 pieces) 100g

Cashew Nut Broken (2 pieces) 100g

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Our Broken Cashew Nut is a great way to enjoy the irresistible taste of cashews without spending a lot of money or cutting into your household budget. Our nuts are broken into small pieces, which makes them ideal for baking, cooking and for adding flavour to your favourite dishes. They also make a tasty snack when enjoyed as is either plain or with some spice. Perfect for snacking on the go, our Broken Cashew Nut is sure to satisfy your cravings!

Product Features:

- Great value for your money

- Broken into small pieces, making them ideal for baking and cooking

- Delicious and versatile; use in sweet or savoury recipes

- Rich source of healthy fats and vitamins

- Conveniently packaged, great for snacking on the go

- All natural, no added flavours

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