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Brown Top Millet -500g

Brown Top Millet -500g

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BrownTop Millet are an all-natural source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals - the perfect mix for a nutritious breakfast. Packed with nutrients like iron, magnesium and zinc, these organically grown and sourced millets are made to fuel your body in the morning and through the day. Their taste is light yet energizing, making them perfect for home chefs experimenting with alternative grains. Enjoy BrownTop Millet as part of smoothies, yogurts or muesli bowls or as an addition to your baking recipes.

Product Features:

- ORGANICALLY GROWN & SOURCED: All-natural source of fiber, vitamins and minerals provide a nutritious breakfast or mid-day snack.

- NUTRITIOUS BOOST: High iron content helps support healthy brain function while also providing energy to help you kick start the day or refuel after a workout.

- VERSATILE FLAVOR: The light but energising taste of BrownTop millet makes them ideal for cereals, bakes, smoothies or any other cooking creations you might have up your sleeve.

- HIGH FIBER: Includes dietary fiber that can aid digestion and help regulate cholesterol levels naturally.

- CONTAINS ESSENTIAL MINERALS: Perfect for those seeking added minerals such as magnesium and zinc in their diet.

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