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Brown Basumathi Rice 500g

Brown Basumathi Rice 500g

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Brown Basumathi Rice is a premium Brown rice cultivated in India. It is organically grown and carefully hand-harvested to ensure its wholesome flavor and nutritional value are maintained. It is known for its unique aroma, texture, and taste. This variety of rice is rich in minerals like Magnesium and Phosphorus along with being a great source of energy and dietary fiber. Its slow time release carbohydrates keep you full for long periods of time making it an ideal meal for those looking to maintain their weight or lose some pounds.

Product Features:

- Cultivated in India from Organically Grown Rice

- Carefully Hand-Harvested

- Rich Aroma, Texture and Taste

- Rich Source of Minerals: Magnesium and Phosphorus

- Healthy Source of Energy & Dietary Fiber

- Low glycemic index makes it good option for diabetics

- Great meal choice to maintain or lose weight

- Slow time release carbohydrates keep you full longer

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