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Brinjal Green 500g

Brinjal Green 500g

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Green brinjal is an incredibly versatile vegetable, commonly known as eggplant. It's low in calories but packed with vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy option for any meal. The green skin of the brinjal is loaded with dietary fibers and phyto-nutrients that are beneficial to your health. Green brinjal has a silky smooth flesh that can be cooked in an variety of dishes such as curry, roasted and grilled.

Product Features:

- Low in calories and high on taste

- Rich source of dietary fibers and phyto-nutrients

- Gluten free

- Easy to store, prepare and cook

- Suitable for a variety of dishes or can be enjoyed alone

- Can be roasted or grilled for extra flavor

- Ideal for vegetarian dishes or vegan diets

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