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Farm Fresh Bangalore

Apple - Royal Delicious - Red Colour

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Organically grown Apples from Himachal.
Soured from a organic farmer Mr. Devendra Singh.

🍎 Royal Delicious Apple 🍎

This is one of the most delicious apples found in our country. Also it happens to be the apple most preferred by kids. Royal Delicious truly is the king of Apples and the the reason for that is very simple.🍎

🍎 It’s really delicious – Of all the apple varieties that are grown in India – Royal Delicious is the best tasting variety.

🍎It’s Juicy – Each bite of this Apple is like drinking a bit of Apple juice with each bite. Unlike many imported apples which are not juicy at all – Royal Delicious is such a treat to the palette

🍎 It’s Crunchy – Sick of eating cottony apples? Well Royal Delicious is the answer. This Apple cultivar is very crunchy – especially when harvested fresh.

🍎 It’s harvest fresh – The fruit is harvested in small lots. The fruit reaches your house within minimum time from harvest. It’s almost like you just harvested them.

🍎 Its Unwaxed – Because Indian Apples are not exported and the demand is large in India itself – orchardists do not bother with waxing the Apples. Hence all Apples you get are unwaxed.

🍎 Not Colour Sprayed – Royal Delicious is not really a full colour Apple. Most of the fruit remains red with patches of green on it. The colouration makes the apple look beautiful. Our Apples are not colour sprayed and retain their natural look.

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