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Cauliflower 1 piece

Cauliflower 1 piece

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Cauliflower is a nutrient-packed, delicious vegetable with a mild, slightly sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Perfect for soups, salads, sides and more—cauliflower is an ideal ingredient for any recipe. This versatile vegetable is also rich in vitamins C, K and B6 as well as folate and fiber. From easy side dishes to flavorful main courses, cauliflower makes the perfect addition to your mealtime routine.

Product Features:

- Nutrient-dense vegetable that's low in calories.

- Creamy texture with a mild, slightly sweet flavor.

- Rich source of vitamins C, K and B6 plus folate and fiber.

- Versatile; great for soups, salads or side dishes.

- Easy to prepare and cook.

- Gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

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