Do Organic Strawberries Have Pesticides

Do Organic Strawberries Have Pesticides?

No, organic strawberries are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides.

Organic farmers must follow guidelines set by their certifying body to be considered organic.

Organic strawberries may have some natural toxins but are much lower than those found in conventionally-grown strawberries.

Organic strawberry farming practices use natural pest management methods such as crop rotation, Biological Control, and Trap Crops to eliminate the need for pesticides.

Strawberries naturally have their defenses against pests, so they do not require the same amount of pesticide as non-organic produce.

Most organic strawberry producers use resources such as mulching to reduce pest problems and keep competing weeds at a minimum.

Organic strawberry production also involves farming techniques like rotation, encouraging natural pollinators, and allowing natural biological enemies of pests to exist.

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