99 Healthy Millet Recipes Idea For Your Meal Plan

99 Healthy Millet Recipes Idea For Your Meal Plan

Millets are a great alternative to your daily cereal. They are full of nutrition, packed full of fiber, and can be served as a side dish or made into a meal. This article will list different millet recipes that you can use to help you on your journey to better health and wellness.

Recipes from Jowar/Sorghum

1. Jowar/Sorghum Coconut Chocolate balls

2. Jowar/Sorghum Flour Gulab Jamun

3. Jowar/Sorghum Chocolate Brownie

4. Jowar/Sorghum Muffins

5. Jowar/Sorghum Pani – Puri

6. Jowar/Sorghum Mysore Pak

7. Jowar/Sorghum Burfy

8. Jowar/Sorghum Namak Para

9. Jowar/Sorghum Chiroti

10. Jowar/Sorghum Chocolate

11. Jowar/Sorghum Annam (Rice)

12. Jowar/Sorghum Roti

13. Jowar/Sorghum Dosa

14. Jowar/Sorghum Ambali

15. Jowar/Sorghum Upma

16. Jowar/Sorghum Vegetable Tawa Rot

17. Jowar/Sorghum Samosa

18. Jowar/Sorghum Khichidi

19. Jowar/Sorghum Kesari

20. Jowar/Sorghum Sankati

21. Jowar/Sorghum Vermicelli Kheer

22. Jowar/Sorghum Chuduwa

23. Jowar/Pure Sorghum Biscuit

24. Jowar/Sorghum Pongal

25. Jowar/Sorghum Idli

26. Jowar/Sorghum based Coconut Biscuits

27. Jowar/Sorghum based Groundnut Biscuits

28. Jowar/Sorghum based Salt Biscuits

29. Jowar/Sorghum based Sweet Biscuits

30. Jowar/Sorghum Peda

31. Jowar/Sorghum Pongal (sweet)

32. Jowar/Sorghum Vegan Cake

33. Jowar/Sorghum Pancake

34. Jowar/Sorghum Cabbage Muthias

35. Jowar/Sorghum Jeera/Sweet Lassi

36. Jowar/Sorghum Gorimetteelu

37. Jowar/Sorghum Vermicelli Upma

38. Jowar/Sorghum Halwa

39. Jowar/Sorghum based Sharbat

40. Jowar/Sorghum Parboiled Wada

41. Jowar/Sorghum Bhakarwadi

42. Jowar/Sorghum Boondi Laddu

43. Jowar/Sorghum Spicy Boond

44. Jowar/Sorghum Cake

45. Jowar/Sorghum Chandravankalu

46. Jowar/Sorghum Uttapam

Recipes from Pearl Millet

47. Pearl millet Rusk

48. Pearl millet Besan Laddu

49. Pearl millet Pakodi

50. Pearl Millet Pesarattu

51. Pearl Millet Upma

52. Pearl Millet Roti

53. Pearl Millet Thalipeeth

54. Pearl millet Onion Muthias

55. Pearl Millet Halwa

56. Pearl Millet Khichidi

Recipes from Finger Millet

57. Finger millet Balushahi

58. Finger millet Upma Pakodi

59. Finger millet Bounty Bars

60. Finger millet Potato Pan Cake

61. Finger Millet Vermicelli Curd Rice

62. Finger Millet Junnu

63. Finger Millet Cake

64. Finger Millet rawa Chocolate Pudding

65. Finger Millet Onion Chapat

66. Soft Finger Millet Mudde

67. Finger Millet Vermicelli Kheer

68. Finger Millet Muruku

69. Finger Millet Vermicelli Upma

70. Finger Millet Laddu

Recipes from Foxtail Millet

71. Foxtail Millet Kajjikayalu

72. Foxtail Millet Bisebelle baat

73. Foxtail Millet Cutlet

74. Foxtail Millet Coconut Rice

75. Foxtail Millet Kheer

76. Foxtail Millet Bread

77. Foxtail Millet Mango Rice

78. Foxtail Millet Vegetable Biryani

Recipes from Kodo Millet

79. Kodo Millet Curry Leaf Rice

80. Kodo Millet Upma

81. Kodo Millet Methi Rice

82. Kodo Millet Pulao

83. Kodo Millet Coriander Rice

84. Kodo Millet Adai

Recipes from Barnyard Millet & Little Millet

85. Barnyard Millet Dora Cake

86. Barnyard Millet Rabdi

87. Barnyard Millet Samosa Pin Wheels

88. Barnyard Millet Cutlet

89. Barnyard Millet Kalajamun

90. Barnyard Millet Gobi 65

91. Barnyard Millet Pulav

92. Barnyard Milk Cake (Kalakhand)

93. Barnyard Millet Pudina Rice

94. Barnyard Millet Payasam

Recipes from Proso Millet

95. Proso Millet Cheese Ball

96. Proso Millet Manchuria

97. Proso Millet Shankarpala

98. Proso Millet Khaja

99. Proso Millet Rawa Idli

We hope you enjoyed our article about millet recipes. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your meal plan and enjoy all the benefits of millet. So what are you waiting for? Get started enjoying all the benefits of millet today!

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