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Sampoorna Ahara

Plant Based Tofu Tikka Masala Pizza

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This Friday treat yourself to our Tofu Tikka Masala Pizza. With an extra helping of our in-house cashew cheese on a bed of Plant-based Paneer Cubes marinated in Tandoori Spices and our freshly made tomato sauce. 

Order now for Plant-based Pizza Home made fresh at our Kitchen for Dinner this Friday, September 15th!

Our first Whole Food Plant-Based Pizza is here! Based on the roaring success of our beta program and subscriptions, we now have pizza available for single-time orders! 

We've created thin & thick crust, vegan pizzas. It is out for your eating pleasure!
It's a rich, mouth-watering pizza with tangy tomato sauce and delicious toppings, sprinkled with flavourful herbs and a generous layer of in-house Innovative Plant-based Cheese.

The best part is, that it's made with whole grains and is free of animal products, sugar and added oil.
So, go ahead and treat yourself to a healthy, delicious pizza!

Along with your pizza, you will receive a free cookie from our bakery! A single serving with the small and medium pizzas and two servings with the large pizzas.
Please note that we make the pizzas fresh for delivery. They are boxed immediately after baking and stored in a hot box during delivery. However, we find that within 20 mins of leaving the kitchen they tend to lose their heat. Simply warm them up in your oven or on a tawa to enjoy hot, flavourful pizzas!

How to Customise Your Pizza:

Please leave notes on any dietary preferences or food allergies at Delivery Notes on checkout page. Customisation available for all orders placed prior to Delivery Window.

As an inclusive initiative, we ask that you give us your feedback as possible and we would love to incorporate any preferences and changes you might need for future deliveries. 

Each week, get a different variety! These are some of the upcoming flavours:
  • Creamy Corn and Cheese Pizza
  • Veggie Supreme Pizza
  • Tofu Tikka Pizza
  • Spinach, Tofu and Olive Pizza
  • Iron Loaded Pizza
  • Thai Satay Pizza

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