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Mango Badami

Mango Badami

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Badami mango is a popular variety of mango that is widely grown in the southern part of India, particularly in the state of Karnataka. It is a small to medium-sized mango, with an oval shape and a pointed end. The skin of Badami mango is yellow in color, with a slight red blush. The flesh is golden yellow, with a juicy and fiberless texture.

Badami mangoes are known for their sweet and rich flavor, which is balanced by a slight tartness. The aroma is intense, with a fruity fragrance that is characteristic of high-quality mangoes. The flesh is buttery and smooth, with a delicate flavor that is reminiscent of almond, hence the name "Badami," which means "almond" in Hindi.

Badami mangoes are typically harvested in May and June, and are best enjoyed when fully ripe. They are a popular fruit in India and are used to make a variety of dishes, including desserts, smoothies, and jams. They are also great for eating fresh, either on their own or in a fruit salad.

Badami mangoes are prized for their superior taste and quality, and are often compared to the famous Alphonso mango. They are a must-try for any mango lover, and are sure to delight with their unique flavor and aroma.

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