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[Instant Delivery] Mango Ratnagiri Alphonso

[Instant Delivery] Mango Ratnagiri Alphonso

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Certified Organic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes

The Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango is carefully grown in the climate of Ratnagiri, located along the coast of Maharashtra. This specialty mango is prized for its unique rich and sweet flavor, tender flesh, and juicy aroma. The unique characteristics of this mango make it one of the most popular mango varieties in all of India.

Product Features:
- Grown in the curated climate conditions of Ratnagiri.
- Known for its uniquely rich and sweet flavor, with a tender flesh and juicy aroma.
- Deemed one of the most popular mango varieties in all of India.
- Packaged with great care to ensure freshness upon arrival.

The Packaging
Box of 24 pieces
Box of 12 pieces
Box of 6 pieces
Average fruit weight: 220 - 250 g/Fruit

The Pricing
The season has just started and the prices of the mangoes are high because of very high demands and very little supply. The prices of the mangoes will go down further during peak season

How much time does it take for delivery?

Any order placed on our website or app is usually:

  • Dispatched within 30 mins for Bangalore orders up to 7pm.
  • Bangalore orders placed after 7pm will be dispatched tomorrow morning before 12 noon.

    Is there any shipping charges?

    Yes, shipping fees are charges as per actual fees charged by third party delivery and courier services.
    If you are looking for FREE or lower cost Delivery, please order from our regular collection with more relaxed delivery schedule rather than our Instant Delivery collection.

Our guarantee
We are taking at most care while grading and packing. if any of the following issues found at the time of delivery,
- The mango has physical damage
- The mango has shrinkage
- The mango has spongy tissue issue
- The mango is under sized.
then We will replace the same for you - no questions asked.

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