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[Instant Delivery] Mango Banganapalli (Baigenpalli)

[Instant Delivery] Mango Banganapalli (Baigenpalli)

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Bygeneppalli mangoes are a type of mango that is grown in the Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka region of India. These mangoes are known for their sweet, juicy flesh and rich, aromatic flavor. They are medium-sized, with a round to oval shape and a yellowish-green skin that turns yellow when ripe.

The flesh of Bygeneppalli mangoes is soft and fibrous, with a deep yellow color. It has a rich, sweet flavor that is balanced by a slight tanginess. The aroma of these mangoes is intense and tropical, with notes of citrus and floral undertones.

Bygeneppalli mangoes are typically harvested in late May or early June, and are best enjoyed when fully ripe. They can be eaten fresh, sliced and added to salads or smoothies, or used to make a variety of desserts and baked goods.

These mangoes are highly prized in India and are exported to other countries as well. They are considered a premium variety of mango and are known for their superior taste and quality.

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