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Sampoorna Ahara

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Feast - Lunch, Sun Sept 17

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Celebrate Health this Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is an annual festival celebrating the arrival of Ganesh to earth from Kailash Parvat with his mother Goddess Parvati/Gauri. Ganesh is the God of new beginnings and remover of obstacles and customarily prayed to when one is starting anything new. This 10 day festival ends with the Ganesh Visarjan which is symbolic of Lord Ganesh returning to Mount Kailash to Parvati and Shiva.

On this special occasion, the most popular dish are the modak/kadubu/kozhukattai - sweet and savoury steamed or fried dumplings. Another popular sweet dish is the karanji/karjikai, similar to the fried sweet modak in composition and taste but in different shape.

To celebrate the festival, we have curated a special feast complete with the ever so popular modak/kadubu/kozhukattai, karanji/karjikai, and much more. A whole food plant based festive feast to symbolise new beginnings and to remove obstacles in moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Order now before stocks run out!

👉🏽 This Ganesh Chaturthi Special Feast is for Sunday, 17 September 2023.
👉🏽 We have both dine-in and pickup options.

Limited number of Ganesh Chaturthi Special Meals available for Booking Hurry! Pre-order today!

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Menu


Indulge in a delectable and decadent feast with a healthy twist!


  • Farm Fresh Fruit Starter
  • 7 Vegetable Farm Fresh Salad
  • 7 Vegetable Sambar | Hearty Lentil Stew with Traditional Spices
  • 7 Vegetable Poriyal | Medley of Seven Vegetables, Roasted to Perfection
  • Garike Hullu Chutney | Healing Durva Grass Relish
  • Baked Vada 
  • Masala Bhat | Spicy Vegetable Rice from the Heart of Maharashtra
  • Unpolished Rajamudi Rice
  • Plant-based Curds 
  • Sweet Modaka | Ganesha's Favourite Coconut & Date-Stuffed Rice Dumplings
  • Kara Modaka | Ganesha's Favourite Spicy Lentil-Stuffed Rice Dumplings
  • Chakli | Crunchy Wholegrain Spirals, Baked & not Fried
  • Kobbari Mithai | Date-Sweetened Coconut Square
  • BONUS: One Flaxseed B12 Laddu

Packaged in Eco-friendly Packaging and ready for pickup at Sheshadripuram at 11:30 AM on Sunday, September 17.

Please note: Photos are only for representational purposes. Actual menu is described above.

Enjoy a guilt-free Ganesh Chaturthi special feast that leaves you feeling full but light - we like to say 'full of light'!

This meal is perfect if you want to eat healthy without compromising on taste this weekend, making it the perfect day of rest and celebration!

Whole food plant based nutrition has been scientifically tested and proven to successfully prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease for a majority of people. These diseases are not just because the genes run in families - it's because diets run in families.

Take charge of your diet. Take charge of your future. Start your Plant-based Journey today with our Ganesh Chaturthi Special Feast.

    Why Plant Based Meals?

    Research has shown that whole food plant based meals with low or zero oil and dairy may help:

    • Reach your Ideal Weight
    • Reduce risk of diseases like diabetes, high BP, obesity and heart disease
    • Treat and prevent complications of chronic diseases
    • Help you avoid unnecessary hospital admissions by improving health outcomes
    • Improve muscle strength and flexibility
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improve sleep and fight fatigue

    Meal Delivery Details

    • Packed in eco-friendly packaging and available for pickup at our kitchen in Sheshadripuram (Kavade Attic, 1st main Road, Sheshadripuram) at 11:30 AM.

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