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Coriander leaves 1 bunch

Coriander leaves 1 bunch

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 (100-150g Approx.)


Coriander Leaves are an essential part of cooking in India and many other cultures. Rich in nutrients and with a distinct flavor, these leaves add character to any dish. Whether you're looking for something to garnish curries or liven up stir-fry dishes, Coriander Leaves are the perfect choice.

Product Features:

- Packed with vitamins A, B1 and C, acting as an important antioxidant for the body.

- Adds depth of flavour to all kinds of dishes including curries, stews and soups.

- Easily sprouted and grown indoors - making it available all year round.

- Perfect fresh garnish or ingredient in salad dressings, salsas and wraps.

- Can be used both raw or cooked without diminishing flavour quality.

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