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Chukku Kappi Powder 100g

Chukku Kappi Powder 100g

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A miracle powder made from a secret recipe of spices and herbs, Chukku Kappi Powder is an age-old remedy used in South India to help soothe sore throats and reduce congestion. This all-natural dry powder can be used as a tea or indigestion relief. Its unique blend of ingredients will make your throat feel better and fresher. Experience the ancient Indian healing powers of Chukku Kappi Powder today!

Product Features:

- All-natural giving you 100% herbal/spice flavor.

- Soothes sore throats, congestion and indigestion.

- Mix with hot water for a tea or with dates syrup for relief.

- Perfect for cold, flu, coughs and more severity in throat conditions.

- Made from the traditional South Indian recipe by skilled makers using the finest quality ingredients.

- Contains balanced combination of rare spices and herbs to ensure effectiveness against all sort of digestive issues.

- Contains no artificial flavors, colours or preservatives and is free from gluten too

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