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Beet Root 500g

Beet Root 500g

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Beet root is a nutritious root vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals, perfect for promoting overall health. Bursting with sweet flavour and a vibrant red colour, beet root is great for adding a touch of colour to dishes and salads. This superfood can be enjoyed raw, cooked, or in juice form and offers many health benefits such as improved digestion and better circulation. Enjoy the deliciously sweet taste of organic beet root from our range of products today!

Product Features:

- Certified organic ingredients.

- Rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.

- Vibrant red colour adds unique flair to any dish.

- High in folate, magnesium and dietary fibre.

- Sweet flavour profile balances out savoury dishes.

- Can be enjoyed raw, cooked or juiced up.

- Supports healthier digestion and circulation

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